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Hi beautiful people

2015-02-22 20:42:28 by raremew

So um, how is everyone doing tonight?



2015-02-18 19:52:28 by raremew

How has everyone been? How is life? 

Back again

2015-02-08 17:54:39 by raremew

Well, I'm back again. lol

Happy New Year of 2014

2014-01-07 19:38:49 by raremew

I Hope its a good one. A new year, A new beginning!

blah blah

2013-07-02 19:13:14 by raremew

blah blah blah

I've changed alot

2013-05-03 17:15:25 by raremew

I've changed alot since the last time i was here. my views on alot of things are completely different, and even the way i think is different. I've really changed alot in the last year. I've become a better person overall.


2012-08-29 17:03:46 by raremew

Going to be busy with school so i wont be on much. but i'll get on now and then.


2012-07-13 19:28:45 by raremew

Are you?

Rest in peace my friend

2012-07-12 23:18:51 by raremew

born 1982-2012

Rest in peace my friend


2012-05-28 19:46:45 by raremew